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Compelling Job Specs

The quest for the Holy Grail A job spec that developers relate to is a rare sight. I was chatting with an acquaintance that works in the recruiting space, about the never-ending battle between good an evil that is the relationship between recruiters and developers. The conversation got interesting when he said this: I am not sure our job specs are very good. At that point, I had a fleeting recollection that while on Twitter, I stumbled on the Zapier jobs page....

October 1, 2016

Recruiters vs Devs the Eternal Struggle

A sour relationship The relationship between developers and recruiters is not an easy one. For developers, recruiters are mostly a pain in the back, bothering them at all times of the day in order to offer jobs completely irrelevant to any goal a developer has in their career. For recruiters, developers end up being a bunch of spoiled kids who whine about job postings and bash recruiters (privately and publicly) because it builds camaraderie....

August 27, 2016